Every Deatil For Vastu Purusha | वास्तु पुरुष के लिए हर जानकारी

Who is Vastu Purush?

You probably do not know that Vastu Purush is the original guardian of the building. According to the Puranas,
once during the Devasura Sangram, Lord Shiva sweats profusely and when that sweat falls on the ground, he becomes a giant
there. He was very hungry, so by the order of Shiva, he breaks down on the demons and eats everyone, but his hunger does
not disappear, then he asked Shiva to eat the three worlds.As soon as Shiva gave the command, he ran towards Bhuloka in
a hurry. Seeing him all the gods and Brahma got worried.When the gods asked Brahmaji to do some remedy, then Brahmaji asked them to
make that giant man fall upside down, so that he could not eat anything. All the gods forcefully threw him face down on the earth
and all climbed up and suppressed him, so that he could not eat anything. Then he asked Brahmaji that will I always remain like
this? Then Brahmaji gave him a boon that every three months you will change direction and your worship will be mandatory before
any construction work on the earth, if this is not done, then you can persecute them.Since then Vastu Puja is performed before every
construction work and the statue of Vastu Purushvastu Purush To purify the disputed building or construction site, the statue of Vastu
Purush is established there. In the place where Vastu Purush installed, it is necessary to offer Naivedya on every Amavasya or
Poornima. It is said that by doing this Vastu Purush remains happy and progress takes place at that place.You must have heard the elders
say that always speak good, never speak bad, because bad comes quickly. According to Vastu Shastra,
Vastu Purush always speaks well, so whatever we say becomes true, so we should always speak well. Architectural It is also in the
scriptures that Vastu Purush always blesses us. It is because of them that our home remains safe. Happiness, peace and prosperity
increases in the house, although it is written in the scriptures that whatever is made in the house should be enjoyed by the Vastu Purush,
this keeps happiness and peace in the house, but if it is not possible daily then every new moon and full moon. sure to enjoyShould put Whatever food is prepared, take it out on a plate, pour ghee on it and take it to the place where Vastu Purush has been established.
First purify that place with water, then give water to the plate. Now pick up the plate and bring it to the kitchen and give it to the
head of the house to take it as Prasad. By doing this, Vastu men are pleased and there is rain of happiness, prosperity and wealth.

Whenever a house, building or factory is constructed, Vastu Puja is performed there before that. It is believed that
it is very important to worship the foundation of any construction, otherwise there would not be happiness,
peace and prosperity. That is why in our country according to Vastu Shastra, there is a law of Vastu worship.

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