Machh mani a special rarity and its use and its benefits. Very few people are aware of this rare item, but with whom it comes, its fate is opened, all its troubles are removed. It is said that. This item is a panacea in Kali Yuga. Due to less availability, it does not operate much, but in our old scriptures it is described. Let me discuss this with you. Friends, this rare item is the middle gem. it is said . This gem is obtained from fish. . It is considered very auspicious. If you lack money, your business is not growing. If your child is getting a bad eye repeatedly or you are surrounded by problems in your home, Vaastu dosha is the biggest and if you are having Mahadasha of Rahu on you then you will see miraculous results as soon as you wear it. You should wear it for the Mahadasha of friends Rahu. For this you have to get the middle gem first which we have. Tested from lab and we deliver to you with full authenticity.