Pukhraj (The Yellow Gift That Can Change Your Destiny)

What Is Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)?

Yellow Sapphire Represent Divine,Grace and Power

Yellow Sapphire is a mineral, A Stone That Contains Elements Of Aluminium , Hydrosol And Florin in it. Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)  Also Have Great Importance In Vedic Astrology . Pukhraj Is a Powefull Gemstone Of Jupiter (Guru) , Jupiter Is Also Known As Guru , Brihaspati,Gururatna ,Peetmani. in Astrology. It Also Called Pushparang (पुष्पराग) in sanskrit

Benefits Of Wearing Yellow Sapphire (Pukhraj)

1.It Do Wonders By Wearing it in right and proper way

2.It Brings Prosperity to all those Who Wear it

3.It Helps In improving financial status bless wearer with lot of wealth , health , fame , name and sucess

4.It Give very good result to a women who desire a happy and peaceful married life

5.It Helps To Find Suitable male for a girl and provider good balance in her married life

6.One Should Also Wear Yellow Sapphire To Be Healthy and avoid any kind of illness , lungs problem , liver problem , tumors ,skin troubles , and fat in body

7.Yellow Sapphire helps to set goalsin life and easily through clear decision

8.It helps the wearer to take quick decision . It also saves from premature death

9.As Per Our Indian astrology pukhraj can bring prosperity and bliss to aries , leo and scorpio ascendants and westran astrology says that it is auspicious for people with other rashi or Zodiac

Who Can Wear Pukhraj?

The Planet Jupiter Rules Two Houses In astrology Sagittarious and pisces. It Is Highly Recommended Stone For Native Belong to pisces and sagittarious ascendent

How To Wear Pukhraj?

Pooja Should Be performed on any Thrusday during the “Hora Of Guru” i.e., 6-7 am or 1-2pm.

Necessary Pooja Articles

1.Yellow Colour Cloth (Mango Colour),

2.Bengal Gram (Coated)

3. Sandal , Kumkum

4.Ketaki flower or Marigold Flower

5. Prasad i.e., kheer made of jaggery and moong dal.


Spread the yellow cloth before God. Spread Bengal gram over it. on the dal, apply sandal,kumkum to the ring and place it on the dal. Take 3 ketaki flower ,or 3 marigold flower and recite Lalita Sahasranama. After reciting ,take bengal gram dal, and do Guru mantra 108 times. After pooja , offer kheer madeof moong dal and jaggery. After wearing the ring donate bengal gram

Guru Mantra:ॐ बृं बृहस्पतये नम:।

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